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Automated Access from Jigfloor

integrated automated access for mezzanine flooring ...

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Jigfloor Mezzanine Floors can be integrated with GOODS LIFTS, PASSENGER LIFTS and POWERED CONVEYORS in order that you can provide staff, visitors and customers with alternative access facilities (in the case of PERSONNEL LIFTS), as well as the capacity to transfer loads quickly and safely - often as a 'one man' operation, when you specify GOODS LIFTS OR CONVEYOR SYSTEMS.

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We can call upon many years of experience within the Materials Handling trade, and we are able to provide automated solutions to the challenge of accessing, loading and unloading your Mezzanine with ease.

In the event of smaller and/or relatively lighter products requiring to be transferred onto your Jigfloor Mezzanine as part of a constant process, a simple yet efficient solution would involve the integration of a Powered Conveyor with either powered input and output benches, or simple gravity (roller) benches, whereas should there be a requirement to send things in the opposite direction, cheap yet effective gravity Conveyor can often be utilized, or the same powered system can be supplied with a reverse function should you prefer.



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Our Conveyors can be provided with automatic safety features, photo sensors and auto-restart controls, and they can accept loads of up to 750kg (UDL) as necessary.




Our SCISSOR LIFT DESIGN lends itself to GOODS LIFTS with capacities from 300Kg to 10,000Kg, whereas the PASSENGER or DISABLED ACCESS LIFTS are limited to around 250Kg of goods plus a passenger or 2 persons.

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Both are custom made to your requirements and represent excellent value for money.

In the event that the structure requires 'sinking' into your slab, we can undertake the excavation and backfilling as necessary, so that the lift is perfectly integrated into your required scheme.

custom made scissor tables

Our product is designed and manufactured in the UK and PASSENGER LIFTS are compliant with building regulations 2000 part M (access), ISO 9386-1 and are CE marked.

The product is extremely reliable and requires very low maintenance levels. With a self sustained nut and screw drive, this lift design can be specified with up to 6 stops and a maximum lift height of 9 metres.

The shaft and carriage are available with a large and comprehensive choice of options from paint colours and glass panels to lighting options and even full stainless steel construction. Each unit is manufactured to suit your needs.

custom made scissor tables


As well as the automated 'traditional' lifts mentioned above, Jigfloor can also provide as part of the Mezzanine scheme, scissor lift tables designed specifically to meet your exact requirements.





Typical Standard and optional features of our custom made scissor tables:

custom made scissor tables

Standard Features:

  • CE Marked
  • Multiple Safety Mechanisms
  • Robust European Manufacture
  • Large Range of Colour Finishes
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fast Turnaround Available
  • Available throughout the UK and Europe
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Additional Features:

  • Turntables
  • Hand Rails
  • Electric Interlock Gates
  • Key Locks
  • Uprated Motors
  • Lifting Eyes
  • Loading Flaps