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Jigfloor provide an expert service where DOUBLE SKIN, SINGLE SKIN or CLEANROOM steel partitions are required for installation within your current or new premises.

We provide a high quality but very cost effective product which is manufactured in the UK by two long established factories specialising in the production of steel partitioning which is SECURE, ROBUST, DEMOUNTABLE/RELOCATABLE and above all, ECONOMICAL.

It goes without saying that this type of partition marries extremely well with a Jigfloor mezzanine floor, enabling you to create versatile ground floor, first floor or two tier facilities with excellent storage potential built in!

steel partitioning for mezzanines

Your choice extends to a range which includes not only single or double skin product, but encompasses SOLID, GLAZED and MESH panels as well as SINGLE or DOUBLE GLAZED windows, STEEL or TIMBER DOORS and a range of DOOR FURNITURE AND CEILING OPTIONS.

Typically, MESH panels lend themselves to secure or bonded storage areas where product needs to be visible but access controlled at a highly cost effective level, whilst SOLID ELEVATIONS can be used either on their own for things like archive storage, plant rooms, etc (where visual appraisal is not a requirement and natural light within is not an issue), or in conjunction with GLAZED panels to form more comfortable environments for personnel working within the enclosure, affording them access to natural or borrowed light and the ability to interact with those outside the enclosure but retaining some seperation and privacy - Works Supervisors and Factory Training Rooms for example.

cleanroom partitioning for mezzanines

At the top end, CLEANROOM partitions are available which are designed and manufactured specifically for use in clean environments where control of airborne particulate contamination is of paramount importance.

This type of product makes use of FLUSH GLAZING, MINIMAL JOINTS, COVED SKIRTING and SEALED JOINTS amongst other features in order to reduce dust traps and air leakage.

Air locks can be incorporated, as can antimicrobial, anti-static and electro dissipative POWDER COATED paint finishes.

In all cases, panel sizes are modular and typically 2400, 2700 and 3000mm high by 1000mm wide (cleanroom panels also come in 300 and 500mm widths), but enclosures or dividing runs can be designed to pretty much any size through the use of both standard and modified (cut down) panels.

Paint finish is an electrostatically applied powder coating which comes in GREY, SANDSTONE and STONE (and in the case of cleanroom partitions, WHITE) as standard, although other colurs are available at a small extra cost

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