Steel Partitioning Enquiry

Steel Partition Enquiry

mezzanine floors and steel partitioning ...

steel partitioning and mezzanine floors

Jigfloor will be very pleased to discuss your steel partitioning proposal and seek to assist you in achieving the desired solution to your requirement. Take a moment to forward your details to us and we will be delighted to provide you with a free quote by return. Ideally, we want a plan sketch of your requirement showing existing walls and your new runs of partitioning (clearly marked) with proposed dimensions, and accompanied by a brief descriptive specification - for example:

  • 1 run 6975mm long with one single door and 2 half glazed panels - remainder solid
  • 2 runs 3000mm long solid
  • All runs 2980mm high to underside of an existing ceiling

If you are looking to make an enquiry for our quality steel partitioning then please feel free to either drop us a line by email or call our office directly where one of our skilled and highly trained team will discuss your requirements with you. Whether you are in need of steel partitions or one of our bespoke mezzanine flooring systems you can rest assured that we will offer you the best service at the best prices.